CODEGATE2010 CTF Level 11

Here's my last writeup, as in the time available I was not able to solve more.
maybe I'll publish writeups of the ones solving right now but I'm not sure yet.

Level 11's description was:

  • credentials:
  • Get a value of HKLM\Software\codegate2010, it's the flag.
  • When looking at the website I tried to upload some sample files, tried to change the path were files are saved and so on but nothing of that worked.

    After that I decided to focus on the upload filter and collected some information about the host/webserver.
    As soon as I saw the HTTP response header was : Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    I was pretty sure that the vulnerability which will help me is this one:

  • Soroush Dalili has discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), which can be exploited by malicious people to potentially bypass certain security restrictions and compromise a vulnerable system.
    The vulnerability is caused due to the web server incorrectly executing e.g. ASP code included in a file having multiple extensions separated by ";", only one internal extension being equal to ".asp" (e.g. "file.asp;.jpg"). This can be exploited to potentially upload and execute arbitrary ASP code via a third-party application using file extensions to restrict uploaded file types.

    I was lucky enough that it really worked :)
    The problem I had now was:

    Warning: system() [function.system]: Unable to fork [dir] in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot1337_\upload\x.php;.jpg on line 3

    Executing commands on the server was not possible, so let's try to read the registry directly with php and print the result.
    I used this simple example I found via google:

    $shell= &amp;new COM('WScript.Shell');
    echo $data<

    After uploading the new file I saw following string printed in my browser:


    Level 11 solved as well :)

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